Welcome to Green Insurance Exchange Wiki! We are leaders in providing insurance policies and risk management services to organizations that provide a product, technology or service that enable businesses or consumers to utilize resources more effectively.

Types of businesses and organizations we insure:

Alternative Energy Businesses
Advanced Fuels / Advanced Materials Companies
Energy Efficiency Companies
Water & Air Emission Companies
Green Buildings
Contractors Involved With Green / Sustainable Projects
Green Tech / Clean Tech
Distributors of Green Products Including Organic & Sustainable Products
Retail Businesses Selling Organic & Sustainable Products
Green Hotels & Restaurants
Recycling Companies
Energy Auditors
Green Tech / Clean Tech Consultants
Business Insurance – Managing Your Risk

Business insurance protects you and your business with coverage for claims related to damage to your property and allegations of negligent activities or failure to use reasonable care. As one of America’s leading providers of business insurance for green businesses, Green Business Insurance has helped secure coverage for different types of green businesses ranging from sole propriotor cleantech start-ups to larger, international companies. When you buy insurance from us, you get access to years of experience and expertise we have accumulated in the business insurance industry.